Washington DC War Protests March 20th 2010

After my half marathon in the morning I went into downtown DC for the rest of the day and stumbled upon a war protest that was going on near the White House that provided some good photo opportunities.


The police were out in numbers incase things got out of hand.



They even brought in the SWAT team van



The protest itself seemed like it was an eclectic cast of characters.

You had people protesting about drone use


Death was there to let you know about health CareIMG_1516




Uncle Sam on stilts


And then the bizarre:

A Storm Trooper


Some clowns


And I don’t even know what to make of this dude.


And then on the closed road right next to the White House some guys set two courts of inline hockey.


And then there was a group of kids who set up shop with a megaphone and then built a drum stand that was getting a lot of attention.


IMG_1518IMG_1525IMG_1565 IMG_1569 IMG_1570


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Black Hills Park Sunset

I finished up Sunday with some sunset pictures at Black Hills Park just outside of Germantown MD.

IMG_1427 IMG_1354 IMG_1386_edited-1 IMG_1402 IMG_1415 IMG_1423

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Sugarloaf Mountain Sunrise

Sunday I woke up early with the intention of taking some sunrise pictures from the top of Sugarloaf Mountain but unfortunately the park doesn’t open until 7 and no one had come to open the gate by 7:40 so I missed out on that opportunity. Instead I took some pictures of the geese in pond near the parking lot

IMG_1339_edited-1 IMG_1287_8_9_tonemapped_edited-1 IMG_1319_20_21_tonemapped IMG_1325_26_27_28_29_30_tonemapped IMG_1334_edited-1

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National Zoo: Ape house

IMG_1183_edited-1 IMG_1178_edited-1

I think these last three pictures are the best of the day. He just looked so sad sitting up on his tree.

IMG_1210_edited-1 IMG_1209_edited-1


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National Zoo: Birds, Bear, Deer, and a Tiger

IMG_1146_edited-1 IMG_1139_edited-1



This is one of the uglier birds I’ve ever seen. This is a kind of stork, and I’m going to guess this isn’t what most people think of when they think of a stork bringing babies.


I was really disappointed that the sea lion /otter area was closed for renovations but I stumbled upon a bear eating lunch so I got some interesting shots.

IMG_1239_edited-1 IMG_1237_edited-1


I also stumbled unto a deer just outside of the zoo getting some lunch.


And the tiger was sleeping off his lunch by the time I got there IMG_1219_edited-1

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National Zoo Panda Pictures

IMG_1103_edited-1 IMG_1092_edited-1 IMG_1101_edited-1

IMG_1110 IMG_1112IMG_1106

IMG_1117 IMG_1114

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Great Falls Maryland

Here are couple of pictures from Great Falls I took on Saturday.

 Dock snow side HDRfront loading dock HDR

 great falls lock

 first bridge downstream frozen first bridge upstream treefirst bridge upstream

Great Falls Panorma Good

IMG_0849_50_51_tonemapped_1 great falls cliff ice


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